YouTube – Aero-TV: Extreme Aero-Efficiency – The Pipistrel Virus (via Calgary Recreational and Ultralight Flying Club)

I like my aircraft light these days, how about you?

aerotvnetwork | Mar 2, 2011 Efficient, Lean, Uplifting… The Pipistrel Virus Is The Uncommon LSA There is little like it in all of sport aviation… an altogether different breed of Light Sport Aircraft designed to wrest every ounce of lift out of square inch of lifting area… with as little drag as possible. It's called the Pipistrel and two separate versions of the aircraft offer the Aero-Efficient P … Read More

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How to Find the Best Travel Business Opportunities (via sadam123)

Once you have decided that you want to work from home and that you want to be an online travel agent, your next step is to find the best travel business opportunities that are available. There are some specific steps you should take if you would like to find those opportunities that will work best for you. Read on to find out how to identify these business opportunities. First, research the company you are considering. Ensure that it is a legitim … Read More

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Import and Export Business Made Easy (via sadam123)

Mastering the Money Making Opportunities in Import and Export Business: Firstly, Import and Export Business is a business that can take place in any part of the world in as much there are no international trade restrictions. ‘Import and Export’ is one of the most profitable businesses to start but a lot of people have the feeling that you need lots of money to start. The Aims and Objectives of this writing is to expose to you our esteemed readers … Read More

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Of Bed Bugs and Baggage (via Wandering Duchess ::

Of Bed Bugs and Baggage I'm surprised to admit that I am hugely excited for my upcoming trip to the states – and it's still about 3.5 months away!  I would say "unfortunately" 3+ months away, but frankly I've got no interest in visiting PA outside of the summer and early autumn and risk freezing my ass off in dreary, wet, cold weather.  I guess my excitement is not too shocking, considering it is home and I haven't been since autumn 2009 and nor have I seen any family o … Read More

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Maybe I’m wrong but……. (via potationmarks)

First off. Damn. I’ve not posted in 3 months. Loser par excellence. Need to do this a little more often. That said, US Airways is gutless and heartless. Classic example of a lack of customer focus. Delays happen especially in weather. No argument there. However and a big however is how US Airways handled a delay last evening. Headed back from Orlando (sadly stuck in meetings) to Philly on a flight which ultimately would end in Amsterdam we experi … Read More

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Preparing for Business Travel (via sadam123)

Business trips are different to holidays in many ways, so if you're going for a large conference or a small meeting, you need to think differently. Below are some tips for planning your flights so you will be prepared for any and all encounters before the big meeting. Most business expenses can be recouped by the business or through tax, but don't let this fool you into thinking that you can travel however you want. Most business's have a limit t … Read More

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4th amendment underclothes. (via Linny Lé Loo)

Assert your rights. I love this idea!

4th amendment underclothes. next time you fly… assert your rights without saying a word! (get yours HERE) … Read More

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Next generation airships prepare to take flight (via wordlessTech)

Next generation airships prepare to take flight A new breed of hybrid airships are preparing to take off raising hopes that a 21st century fleet can finally succeed the zeppelins of yesteryear. The difference is radical says Michael Stewart, chief executive of World SkyCat Ltd, a British company which has designed a new air vehicle, the SkyLiner. “The breakthrough is to combine the airplane with the airship, creating a hybrid,” Stewart said. [youtube= … Read More

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Silver Wings, Then Other Things: Part 2. (via JetHead’s Blog)

Silver Wings, Then Other Things: Part 2. This is part 2 of a multi-part series putting you in the captain’s seat. Want to start with Part 1? Click here. . . Flight plan? Got it. Fuel load? Fine. Take-off data? Got that too. The ten-yard-long printout of notices and info and weather affecting our flight and route? Folded accordian style. Cup of McDonald’s coffee, black? In the cupholder by your right knee. Something about that: a simple pleasure, that black coffee, plus an opportunity to … Read More

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Denver International Airport Debuts as February’s Airport of the Month (via Airports and Airplanes)

Denver International Airport Debuts as February's Airport of the Month Editor’s Note: This article was first posted on February 1st. I decided to post the whole article on the home screen since that’s were a majority of readers land when they come to Airports and Airplanes and I figure it will give readers a fun thing to check out over the weekend when news is slow. The next Airport of the Month will debut on March 1st. Enjoy!   Airport of the Month, February 2011: DIA [caption id=”attachment_440″ align=”alignc … Read More

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