Silver Wings, Then Other Things: Part 2. (via JetHead’s Blog)

Silver Wings, Then Other Things: Part 2. This is part 2 of a multi-part series putting you in the captain’s seat. Want to start with Part 1? Click here. . . Flight plan? Got it. Fuel load? Fine. Take-off data? Got that too. The ten-yard-long printout of notices and info and weather affecting our flight and route? Folded accordian style. Cup of McDonald’s coffee, black? In the cupholder by your right knee. Something about that: a simple pleasure, that black coffee, plus an opportunity to … Read More

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Denver International Airport Debuts as February’s Airport of the Month (via Airports and Airplanes)

Denver International Airport Debuts as February's Airport of the Month Editor’s Note: This article was first posted on February 1st. I decided to post the whole article on the home screen since that’s were a majority of readers land when they come to Airports and Airplanes and I figure it will give readers a fun thing to check out over the weekend when news is slow. The next Airport of the Month will debut on March 1st. Enjoy!   Airport of the Month, February 2011: DIA [caption id=”attachment_440″ align=”alignc … Read More

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The New Reality of Air Travel…or what time is it at the North Pole? (via Street To Peak)

The New Reality of Air Travel...or what time is it at the North Pole? “For nearly 20 minutes I imagined I was in the dark ages.” En route to Minneapolis…en route to Denver and the SIA snow show somewhere closer to home.  Saw the sunrise on the horizon over the wing for a moment and wondered what time it is at the North Pole.   The new reality of air travel is funny…I was shocked to be reminded I can’t use my ‘electronic devices’ during takeoff and landing (haven’t flown in a while, forgot about that).  For near … Read More

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Have You Ever Travelled to Norway? (via Janet’s thread)

Have You Ever Travelled to Norway? Have you ever travelled to Norway?  A question I get asked quite frequently here in Ballard in Seattle Washington USA.  My answer is yes, but it was a long time ago – and I was on an American Youth Hostel cycling tour of England and the Scandinavian Countries.  It was in 1959.  Departure from La Guardia, or was it Idlewild,  Airport, New York.  On a 4 engine propeller plane operated by Flying Tiger Airlines.  Sounds like ancient history doesn’t i … Read More

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Silver Wings, Then Other Things: Part 1. (via JetHead’s Blog)

Silver Wings, Then Other Things: Part 1. It always starts with the wings. They go on the shirt first–don’t ask me why, tradition, superstition. Maybe it’s just transition: the next thing that goes into the left breast pocket is the laminated pix of the family. It’s the “leaving behind”–the part I hate about flying–but then not really, because they’re there all the time, both figuratively and literally next to my heart. Hate the leaving behind, but also embrace it: you leave concerns … Read More

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Airport Adventures (via The Land of My Mother)

Airport Adventures Everyone looks like me.  It’s a bizarre and yet comforting feeling.  Getting on the plane from Tokyo to Manila, I looked closely (and probably creepily) at every person I passed.  “At least one of these people has got to be a tito, tita or pinsan (uncle, aunt or cousin),” I thought.  But as it turned out, I didn’t know … Read More

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The Province: In-flight cell ban not a safety issue (via Calgary Recreational and Ultralight Flying Club)

It’s all about the Benjamins?

In-flight cell ban not a safety issue   U.S. rule forbidding cellphone use may soon be a thing of the past — at the right price   By Josh Noel, McClatchy-Tribune December 12, 2010 If you've noticed more people leaving their cellphones on during flights — and apparently not in the so-called airplane mode — so have I. While slightly disconcerting, it also might be fine. Several non-U. S. airlines allow inflight cellphone use for voice … Read More

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Virgin America makes splashy entrance in Texas (via Global Aviation News)

Virgin America makes splashy entrance in Texas FORT WORTH, Texas — Virgin America has expanded to the heartland with its first flight to Texas, setting up a showdown with AMR Corp.’s American Airlines. The three-year-old airline will fly to Dallas-Fort Worth from Los Angeles and San Francisco, starting with four flights a day. Richard Branson, the British billionaire and minority owner of Virgin America, was on the first flight Wednesday. Branson predicts his airline can grab 8 percent … Read More

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British Airways and Spain’s Iberia merge (via Global Aviation News)

British Airways and Spain's Iberia merge Shareholders in British Airways and Spain’s flagship airline Iberia have approved an $8.9 billion US merger, which will create Europe’s third largest airline.However, news of the merger was overshadowed Monday by the threat of more labour unrest and potential strikes at British Airways. BA chairman Martin Broughton told the few shareholders who braved a cold snap and a strike on the London subway network to meet in Westminster that the … Read More

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Boston, TSA pat-downs and missing Thanksgiving, oh my (via Not From Around Here)

One example of this year’s Holiday travel…..

I'm getting ready to fly to the US for a work conference to take place all of next week, plus bunches of additional meetings as long as I'm in the general area of "America". Something about this feels wrong. I'm completely not focussed on Thanksgiving (tomorrow). I'm being all British and ignoring its existence. I'm worrying about the US's invasive screening procedures, a subject in which I have taken a great deal of interest because of the fact … Read More

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