Travel Technology Results

Through a small selection of responses (as compared to the real world), it would seem that twice as many travelers use an iPhone or Laptop in comparison to other smart phones or even the latest, greatest new thing, the iPad. 100% of the responders use apps on these devices at least occasionally with only one-quarter of them giving a less than “all the time” answer.

The most common activities and applications are for flight schedules, GPS and weather with photos, accommodations and social media coming in close behind. Where are you, where are going and what it will be like when you get there, seem to take precedence in the use of technology when traveling. A few responses also indicated journaling and checking reviews as common activities.

The people who responded indicated that not only air travel info was very desirable in an application, but local info such as travel guides and mapping for unfamiliar streets and directions. Once you get to a location, one would need to know how to get about and where to go to have the best experience possible. (If traveling on business, one would want to know if the cabbie was taking you the long way to the conference!) Apps that are airline or hotel specific got thumbs up as well as other flight trackers that cover various airlines and hotel reservation apps.

It would seem that our sponsor (eSkyGuide) is right on track. With global flight schedules and weather, the where you are going and what will it be like is answered. One reviewer absolutely loved the airport finder feature, which might be even more essential for travelers who are their own pilots as well. Add all the contact info and “tap-to-call” capability if used on an iPhone (also works on iPad and iPod touch) and it’s right there when you need it!


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