My Top 5 Airplane Related Horror Films

Just in time for Halloween!

Snakes on a Plane (2006) – A socialite’s  pet chihuahua is fed to an anaconda! The HORROR! Those who fear snakes should REALLY avoid this one.

Turbulence 3 – Heavy Metal (2001) – From all accounts this 3rd installment of the Turbulence series is the best, fulfilling the need to see a Marilyn Manson type character play action hero.

Airport (1970) – the kick off movie for the 1970’s disaster movie genre. Chicago Lincoln International and blizzards and bombers, oh my!

Alive (1993) – Narrated by John Malkovich. Although most of the movie doesn’t actually involve the plane, I love this movie based on the crash of  Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 on October 13, 1972.  It’s the non “campy” pick of my choices.

Storm Tracker (2000) – Luke Perry and storm chasing. How many times can YOU fly through the hurricane?

Runner up:

Flight of the Living Dead (2007) – Zombies AND airplanes! In spite of a successful screening at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal in 2007, the film was not commercially released and was issued directly to DVD.


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